Primal's Taboo Sex - Alexis Monroe - Cockteasing Sister

Primal’s Taboo Sex – Alexis Monroe – Cockteasing Sister

ONE- My older sister Alexis came back home last night to stay for a few weeks while she looks for a new place. I guess she broke up with whatever douchebag she was dating. she comes down stairs wearing almost nothing. She always used to walk around like that when mom and dad weren’t around. Always a COCKTEASE. Except, this time, when I am just on the couch relaxing she comes up and starts talking about how she hasn’t “gotten any” since she got here. I knew she was one of those girls that needed dick all the time, everyone talked about it, but I NEVER thought she come at me like she did. I was really nervous, but, my dick took over and it was incredible

TWO – So, Alexis is back to being a cocktease, we had that amazing fuck and, she walks around half naked every chance she gets, but she acts like nothing ever happened. I’m NOT going to let her get away with it. She acts like she wants me to stop, but she doesn’t, I mean she never actually tells me to stop, and the way she comes on my dick tells me she was just getting off too much on being a cocktease to just go ahead and do what she really wanted. Now though, when we’re done, with my cum all over her face, she agrees that she’s going to be giving it up whenever I want

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