Primal Fetish – Lily Lou – It Doesn’t Count if It Goes in My Ass? – Surrenders to Stepbrother’s Demands With A “Loophole”

Lily used to act like bitch in heat when she was younger. She kept trying to experiment in really inappropriate ways with her stepbrother and make him tell her to do the dirtiest things she could think of. Before Joshua could finally act on it Lily’s stepdad sent her away to a school specializing in morality.

Since then whenever Lily comes home on a break he can’t stand how the school has her acting like she’s half here age. Finally he’s had enough and decides to make her remember what a slut she really is.

Lily is a bit overwhelmed but she feels a strong need to do what she’s told and taking off her clothes for Joshua and letting him touch her makes her feel REALLY good.

When Joshua makes her get on her knees and do REALLY DIRTY things her mouth it is one of the best days of her life.

Later that day Lily is struggling with self control. It is immoral to touch yourself but between her legs is THROBBING and she is ACHING with a need for relief. When Joshua comes in to talk to her she is practically humping her favorite stuffed toy. Since she can’t touch herself Joshua fingers her and she comes HARD multiple times. She starts to happily suck his cock but he tells her he is going to fuck her. She refuses to have “SEX” but agrees with him that anal won’t count

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