PrimalsTransformations – Vampire Initiation: Shared Gift Part One

Alex is enjoying her new found power but her mentor has told her to go off on her own for a while. She decides it would be selfish not to share her new “gift” and she knows just the right person

Ashly has had a crush on Nathan since she started working at the bar. Of course he has been using her naivete to get her to do most of his extra work, which has been a lot since Alex stopped coming in to work

It is after closing time and Ashly is working up the nerve to push Nathan to finally take her out when Alex enters. She looks AMAZING and Nathan immediately puts moves on her, just to be pushed aside as Alex makes a line straight to innocent Ashly.

Alex tells Ashly to come with her and at first she resists but Alex’s eyes open wide and suddenly Ashly has to will of her own

Back at Alex’s Ashly becomes very nervous and timid, softly saying that “she likes boys” as Alex begins to seduce her. Soon Ashly is moaning an sighing at every touch…

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