Daphne’s Fantasies – Slipped

Starring Eleanor Markham, Siannan Haiman, and Wendy Wild, and with the on-camera girl-girl for Siannan and Eleanor!

Sarah, Helen and Claire all have boyfriends who enjoy entrancing them… and they’ve formed a support group to talk about how to handle this problem. But try as they might, they just can’t stop from falling into a reverie about just how wonderful he is…

Basically this runs like a meeting for women who have been hypnotized to help each other. First portion of the video is them pointing out to each other the ways they have been manipulated but ultimately none of them know what to do about it and some triggers aren’t realized by any of the three. The final portion of the video is two women engaging in lesbian sex Siannan and Eleanor with Wendy only getting involved near the very end, the hypno theme kind of goes out at this point and it becomes rudimentary lesbian porno shoot.

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  • master226 3 months ago

    Could you guys upload Tell Me, The visit, Family Plan 1 and 2 and Safe House all from MCT?