Princess Lisa Jordan – It’s not cheating if it doesn’t go in

Another fantastic clip from the gorgeous Bratty Princess Lisa Jordan. She seduces you this time with her luscious lips and hot body. Tempting you with a fantasy that’ll make you cum as she teases your cock by grinding her pussy against a dildo. She will give you specific and sexy jerk off instructions as she works her perfect body around the dildo. A very hot clip that will make your cock erupt with cum. Screenshots below.

I just saw your wife leave which means you are now all alone. I confront you and ask you why you are always so nervous around me, “I don’t bite, in fact I am very outgoing.” Are you nervous of cheating on your wife? I always catch you staring at me, and in fact I see you have some tightness in your pants right now. Go over to the bed, get comfortable and let me take control. Want my opinion? Its not cheating if it doesn’t go in

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