Princess Lexie – Sex Therapist Takeover

I want you to tell Me more about these new sexual fantasies you’ve been having. You say that lately you’ve been aroused by the idea of a strong and powerful woman taking control and Dominating you? I know these are new urges for you…but tell Me…what does she look like? Tall? Sexy? Beautiful? Well to be honest it sounds like you’ve been fantasizing about Me, your sex therapist. Don’t worry, this was all part of My Master plan. Yes, you see, for years I’ve been conducting research under the theory that I can take any man, regardless of their sexual preferences, and turn them into a complete and total submissive for Me. To be honest, you’ve been one of My easiest patients to manipulate and gain control of. Now it’s time to take the next step. I want you to completely strip naked and get on your knees; this is where you belong when you’re in My presence: on your knees like the little bitch that we both know you are. Today you’ll finally get to do what you’ve been dreaming about for weeks: jerk your dick for Me, right here in My office. lol…you know it’s kind of funny how you came to Me to cure your little masturbation addiction, and now you think about jerking it more than ever before! Doesn’t it feel good to give in to your urges, to give in to ME? I want you to wank that cock exactly as I tell you to, follow all of My instructions. And maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll let you cum. Or maybe not….

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