Men Are Slaves – Sorceress Bebe – My Little Plaything (part1)

When Bebe goes out with a guy that is so crass and thinks he can just have his way with her things don’t end well. Maybe he shouldn’t of been so cocky and just talk about his dick so much. So Bebe took measures into her own hands and slipped something into his drink. Now this pathetic male is back at her place, naked and shacked with his cock and balls tied up.

Since he talked about his cock so much, she has prepared her strapon for him to suck. Jokes on this fucker. Now she is going to show him what a bitch he really is and that he will never speak to a woman like that again. Balls will be tormented and face will be fucked. And, if he gets out of line, lots of face slapping to remind him of his place.

Now that this pathetic male knows there is no where to turn, he accepts his fate know that he will have to suck Bebe’s cock. He has to be a good little cock sucker because she is going to turn him into a whore. She is going to face fuck him until he gags. Driving her cock down his worthless throat. And, if he doesn’t do a good job she pulls his balls tighter. Funny how the tables have turned…getting dick slapped by the girl he thought he was hitting on. How humiliating now he has to jerk her off.

Bebe has made him her bitch. Training him to take cock for the men she brings over. He will learn how to survive off the cum of other men.

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