The first step to submission is internalizing that you worship at My feet. And so you will worship My feet. No matter how sweaty, how smelly, how demeaning it is, you will do it with pleasure, and you will be grateful for the pleasure and opportunity. Kneel down, pet, and trust your Goddess as She guides you through the act of foot worship. This is what you asked for: total submission. And this is service. Licking and worshiping My feet after you’ve released them from their barefoot position inside My sweaty, heavy Doc Martens. Serve Me, serve My feet, and serve with that sweet smile of yours. That sweet smile of Mine. Everything that was once yours, is Mine. Lick every inch, suck each toe, and let Me use your tongue and mouth as My personal welcome mat. Fit all five toes inside your gleeful mouth. Kiss My feet like they are your life’s joy, because they are. Good girl. Be a good girl

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