TMF Fantasies – Indica Fetish – Foot Slave Spray

Indica gets tranformed into a mindless foot slave with a mind control spray straight into her face.

Indica awakes in black underwear with changed eyes saying in a monotone voice: “I am…no longer…Indica…I am…your slave.” She walks in a circle like a robot and repeats her mantras (“I have no free will / I must obey my master / Serve and obey / I am your foot slave / Obedience is pleasure”). When she walks, there are some close ups of her feet and her face. She also rubs her feet over her legs and models with her legs and repeats her mantras, she smells and licks her own feet mindlessly, without emotion und slowly. Her eyes stay open during worshipping. She lets you (her master) smell her feet (closeups of her soles) and simulates a FJ scene and repeats mantras.

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