SeeHimFuck – Alex Coal – SEE A BOXER FUCK

Boxer and pornstar Jay P makes his See Him Fuck debut today and we paired HIM up with Vegas spinner Alex Coal for this great scene Jay starts by removing his sport coat and slacks so we can see the bulge in his See HIM underwear before he whips out his big uncut gift Alex then steps in to give Jay’s armpits the old Sniff N Lick before lubing HIM up front and back. Alex makes her way down to Jay’s feet removes his socks and suckles his toes Then it’s time for Round 1 of ass eating and Alex takes her time, probing his asshole with her tongue and finger all the while stroking his thick prick Jay then face-fucks Alex and makes her gag on his cock before fucking her doggystyle. Round 2 of ass eating is a quick one, as Alex digs in from above. Jay then positions her for some piledriver fucking, followed by Alex taking her pussy for a cockride. Jay then hammers away on Alex missionary until it’s time for Round 3 of ass eating aka The Grand Finale, as Alex tongues his bum while Jay finishes HIMself off and makes a Map of Hawaii on his 6-pack abs. We catch up with the two in the shower only to see that the fucking is far from over… Until next time: STAY SAFE

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