Starring: Ashley Lane

Kara D gets attacked during a prison interview with convicted rapist Brutal Jack. In defending herself she permanently cripples Jack. Lex Luther seeks out Jack’s assistance with taking down Supergirl. Jack specializes in taking down heroines despite his lack of special abilities. Jack is disinterested as he is injured, but Lex makes him a offer he cannot deny himself.
Jack arrives to Kara D estate, the Kent Farm residence, she seeks solace in away from her busy job in the city. Kara is unaware he’s come with a few new toys that he’s acquired from his new business partner.

beautiful bombshell Ashley Lane stars as supergirl. after their fight jack binds supergirls hands with kryptonite infused rope so she is powerless for when Luther arrives. when he does they grope and fondle a helpless supergirl before the kryptonite makes her pass out. when she wakes she is bound to the bed where they continue to play with her helpless body. lex Luther maker her suck his cock while jack fingers her pussy. then they take turns fucking both her mouth and pussy at the same time first doggy with a blowjob then they flip her over for missionary and an upside down blowjob. then the guys turn her around and switch places but still doggy and blowjob, followed by cowgirl and blowjob, then right back to missionary and blowjob before blowing their loads all over her. when they have had their fill of fun with her, they throw her in a kryptonite slim bath and leave her to go after her sister next.

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