TBFE – Ninja Girl – Ashley Lane – Superheroine Defeated

A minion is searching for, and finds a crystal, just in time for Ninja Girl to arrive and take it from him (this part is not explained well. It might be from a previous entry.). Annoyed that he didn’t give it to her when she asked, she forces him to strip, and leaves with his clothes as the police are arriving to arrest him.

Soon after she meets up with the supervillain. Apparently she had faced him before and defeated him, now he is looking for revenge. Due to her previous success against him, she is overconfident. The fight starts off well for her, but the tables soon turn, and she realizes that this will not be as easy as the last time. The fight goes back and forth briefly, but he gets the upper hand and easily defeats her. As she lies writhing on the ground, he starts tearing he costume leaving her exposed on the ground before knocking her unconscious and leaving.

He then meets up with the henchman from the earlier scene, fresh out of prison, and tells him to go to the location where he left Ninja Girl, and have his way with her. When he arrives, he finds lying on the floor, still unconscious, with her costume in shreds. He fondles her a bit, and start cuddles her, but when she starts to wake up, she tries pushing him away. She gets some space, and tries to pull away, but he is annoyed and begins tearing away what is left of her costume, until she is naked except for her boots and gloves. Now it is time for payback. In her weakened state she can’t fight back, she tries, but he beats her into submission, and rapes her. When he is done, he kills her. This is done in 3 different ways (2 alternate endings.).

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