Primal Fetish – Arclight – Rookie Superheroine Tested to Her Limit

Arclight is a new superheroine who’s powers are are on par with her famous predecessor of the same name. Unfortunately she’s considered a rookie and before she can be a government sanctioned superheroine she has to go through a series of tests to test not just her power but her ability to use her power and handle extreme situations.

She’s in her first test using a high tech virtual trainer developed by Malador, a “reformed” super-villain/evil genius. Since he’s the only one that really understands his inventions, and developed the test scenarios, he is administering the test.

Arclight wins her virtual battle and exits the simulation to find Malador non-committal on her performance. After he leaves for a moment she sneaks over and checks his console to see that she rated mediocre and is never going to get recommended for important missions. Determined to prove herself Arclight changes the test settings to make it possible for her to rank as a “Universe Class” superheroine.

Arclight should have realized messing with an evil super-genius’s machines would lead to disaster. After going back into the simulation she finds out that the level of testing she is doing hasn’t been approved, everything that happens will have a real effect on her mind and body and there is no limit to what the opponents will do to her.

Malador desperately wants to get her out being sure he will get the blame for whatever happens but the only way to do that is for Arclight to quit the simulation which will forever block her from being able to enter it again and it could be years before she gets a chance to test again. Even worse, if she waits to long to quit there will be no way out but to win through the entire simulation with her body receiving all the

Sex acts include female masturbation, blowjob, doggy style, sex on table, and cum on face. This is a straight hardcore sex scene. The female actress is a white woman with long brown hair with a trimmed pussy and long brown hair.

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