Taboo-Fantasy – Amber Lynn Bach – My Mom The Pornstar (Part 1-4)

Part 1:

Life can be “awkward” for a young boy…..when your Mom is a Porn Star!!! That’s exactly what Conor has to deal with on a daily basis. Today, however, is a particularly difficult day for Conor….because it’s the Porn Star Awards Show!!! His Mom, the famous Amber Lynn wants him to accompany her to the Awards show. After expressing his unwillingness to accompany his sexy Mom to the show….Mom eventually talks him into it….and they are off to the Waards. When they get home….late at night….Amber is extremely, shall we say….”relaxed” from all the celebrating!!! Amber goes on and on about her triumphs at the Awards……Best Double Penetration scene… Bukkake scene………etc etc, while Conor covers his ears…..embarrassed to no end, as Mom goes on and on about her winnings. Mom tells Conor that she has a scene to perform in the morning that requires her to get Fucked hard by three men with hugs cocks!! Since mom is aware that Conor is quite well endowed….She asks him to give her a good hard fucking to “work her in” for the morning. Conor doesn’t want to be any part of this perverted “scene preparation”….but Mom tears his pants off and starts to suck, before he can even protest!! Conor ends up giving his Porn Star Mom exactly what she wanted….10 Inches of cock Pounding her cunt to prepare her for her Gang Bang at work tomor

Part 2:

Life is “unpredictable”, when your Mom is…..a PORN STAR!!! lol Amber is preparing for a big shoot the following day….going over Her scripts. The movie she is filming requires her to be Gang Banged by three guys with enormous cocks…..requiring, in her words….”all my holes” to be Fucked. As she is going over the script, her Son Conor enters the Family Room. Mom asks Conor to “run lines” with her….but he has no interest in hearing of his Mom’s Gang Bang Movie. Then Amber has an even better idea!!! Since this shoot will require her to take Giant cocks inside her…..and since she is aware that her Son has a Giant cock….Amber asks Conor if he would please Fuck the stuffing out of her… “work her in” for the next day!! Conor, of course, has no interest in doing that….he even covers his ears so he can’t even hear the question…but Amber pulls his pants down and orders him to “Fuck your Mommie, so her cunt can be worked in!!!”. Conor soon has his Giant cock inside Mom’s moth as she sucks it to full size….and then gets him to Pound her hard!!! Mom gets Conor to thrust hard….filling her cunt to the max with his Huge cock until he surprises her by erupting inside her!!! Mom is nice and loosened up for her Gang Bang the following day!!!

Part 3:

In this Episode of My Mom The Porn Star…..Mom asks Conor if he has done all his household chores. The lawn mowing….cleaning the garage…..putting out the garbage etc. Conor claims to have done them all….but Mom reminds him of his final…and most important chore…..servicing his Mother’s insatiable Sexual Appetite!!! Mom shows Conor Her Big, Beautiful Ass and reminds him that She needs to be Fucked before all is right in the household. Conor puts down his device…and realizes that there is no getting out of it…and he surrenders his giant cock to his lustful Mom. Mom sucks on his huge cock, and then she mounts it, and rides him. Conor sucks on his Mommie’s big Tits as she rides on top of him. After bending over the sofa and getting her Son to plow her from behind….Mom asks for his young, hot sperm on her Tits….which she eats. “Hmm….young boy cum…..delicious” she says.

Part 4:

Amber is a Porn Star….so imagine her horror and embarrassment when she finds out that her Son has failed Sex-Ed!!! Amber is furious with him!!! “How can any Son of mine possibly fail Sex-Ed of all things???!!!”. Amber’s anger inspires her to carry out a “unique” punishment to her Son Conor for his bad grade. Amber decides she is going to Force him to ejaculate…..over and over and over again…..until his penis and testicles are sore!! Conor is terrified…as he realizes she’s NOT joking!! Mom starts by hiking up her dress and sitting on Conor’s face. She orders him to lick her cunt. Conor has no choice….he must lick his overbearing Mother’s pussy and ass!! Once she has ridden his face to give herself some pleasure…..Amber straddles his cock and rides him until he ejaculates inside her. Conor thinks his ordeal is over….but, true to her word….Mom Jerks him off….forcing him to a painful second orgasm!!! With his sperm still fresh from orgasm number two….Amber starts sucking his cock….aiming for a third forced orgasm!!! Conor cries….and tells his Mom that there is no way he can cum again….she reminds him “I won the Golden Dildo Award last year for best Femdom Raip scene….don’t tell me that you won’t cum….you will cum….I know how to force male ejaculations!!!”. Sure enough….Mom makes poor Conor cum for a third time!!! He is left whimpering in pain as Mom leaves him there while she goes to start dinner.

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