Kathia Nobili – In LOCKDOWN with your MOMMY

Sweetheart, I know we are on the difficult situation…but…this is not a solution!!! You can be just closed in my room all day!!! Look honey…I’m your mother and I understand! You can’t travel now to visiting your girlfriend…and that you…well can’t satisfied properly your BOY’S NEEDS!!! But there are other options you have!!! I know, I know…it’s not the same feeling like to feel hot, worm body all over yours…and the touch and all the excitement…but still. It’s just me and you home…so there is not much I, your mother can do about that!!! What do you mean?! You have an other option!!! I don’t understand! Are you mad?! Do you realize, I’m your mother!!! This…this suggestion of yours are completely out of question!!! YES!!! That’s true!!! I love you and you are the most important person in my life…but even so…I’m still your mother!!! I can have sex with you!!! It would be just…wrong!! Stop, stop now, please!!! What you want me to do?! Look…I want you to be happy & healthy…and feeling good…what ever it takes!!! So this…take off my T-shirt? Better now…but if I do IT to you…I want you to put your self together then!!! Oh…I never realized…you are so beautiful BOY down there!!! And it’s already so juicy!!! I was against this whole thing at the beginning but now…feeling you so close…letting you touch me, and getting so hot & horny…I know…not just YOU my SON…we will both enjoy it very, very much!!! And this kind of activity…we can have even in LOCKDOWN!!!”

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