Taboo Passions – Home for the Summer – Madisin Lee

It’s so nice to have my stepson home for the summer. We have really missed him. I have been so lonely without him. He is growing up to be such a handsome man. And in a weird way I am sort of attractive to him. I know it’s wrong to feel this way, so I have been trying to quietly ignore these feelings and just enjoy having him home. One morning, my husband went out to the store and we were left all alone. It’s a good thing my stepson is stilling, hopefully he stays auntil my husband gets back. “Oh, hey, you scared me.” Damn, he is awake. I will just ignore this attraction, but for some reason, I get this sexual tension coming from him as well. I quickly turn my back to him and try to find him something to eat. I can feel him behind me, he is caressing my leg. “What are you doing?” I ask as I turn around to face him, he grabs me close and kisses me very affectionately. This is not right, but it feels so good. He kisses my neck and my breast and I cannot help it, I am completely turned on and I can feel him getting hard for me. This makes me wet, so I squat down and take out his cock and give him a blowjob. It’s been a long time since I had any affection. I completely forgot about his father until my phone rings and I realize what I was doing. It was his dad calling, I quickly got up and walked away.

Part 2:

A few days later I am stretching in the living room. I thought I was alone until he walked in the room and started fondling me again and kissing me. I told him we could not do this, that dad will be home soon. He made a bet with me to wrestle him. Ha, He has no idea I am good at mixed wrestling. Ok, if I win, he leaves me alone, but if he wins, we fuck. We start wrestling and at first I had the upper hand. I put him in a scissor-hold until he got me in a headlock and he started grouping my pussy. Fuck, what was that? Shit! Dad is home!

Part 3:

A few mornings later I am awakened by my stepson on my bed. He said he won the bet and it’s time to pay. I said no at first, but I was so horny and it has been a while since I had any cock that I quickly changed my mind. We start out in 69 position and I cum all in his mouth and then he fucks me good and hard. I finally get on top of him in cowgirl position and fuck him hard until he cums inside of me. You are not supposed to cum in me I shout at him, I cannot believe it, and then the unthinkable and most horrific thing ever happens!! Dad walks in the room and catches us!! Busted!!

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