Fell-On Taboo Passions – Melanie Hicks – Mommy’s Big Round Ass

The whole video is POV from the view point of the son, Melanie Hicks plays the mother. She just came back from the doctor with her son because he was complaining that he constantly needs to pee but nothing is coming out.

The doctor said that even though he is a young man he has big overdeveloped genitals like his mother (his mother has a big ass), he will have to start jerking off, and that his mother should help him. The mother (Melanie) decides that first she needs to get her son hard so she uses her giant ass and while wearing yoga pants start twerking/flexing her big ass cheeks until her son is hard.

Then when she takes off the yoga pants she twerks/flexes a bit with her bare ass cheeks. And then tells her son to come close and starts grinding/shaking against his cock with her big ass cheeks. Basically jacking off her son between her cheeks. Her son says many times that he needs to pee and his mom reassures him that soon he will be able to.

Finally her son says he is going to pee ,so Melanie moves a little away from him so he can shoot on her from a small distance, and his mother (Melanie) tells him to let it all out on mommy’s big ass. Then there is a huge fake cum shot on Melanie’s ass cheeks by her son.

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