Xev Bellringer – I’ll Teach You How To Fuck My Daughter

You agreed to meet with your girlfriend’s mother… alone. She didn’t want her daughter knowing. She didn’t want any distractions. Just you. And her. There was something about the way she greeted you, the way she looked at you, how she moved her body around yours. Her arms crossed under her big breasts, pushing them up out of the already plunging neckline. You couldn’t stop staring, but she didn’t notice. Or maybe she didn’t care. Was she… doing it on purpose? All your girlfriend’s mother wanted was the best for her daughter. For you to make her happy. To please her… as a man should. It was your responsibility, after all. And if you didn’t know how… she would teach you. She sat you on the bed next to her. Close to her. Did you know how to kiss a girl? Had you ever laid lips on one before? No?? Well then… Your girlfriend’s mother pulled you close, gracefully, gently. You hardly had time to catch up, to realize what she was doing… before she did it. Her mouth was on yours. Warm. Wet. Tempting. She was in control, leading you, dancing with your tongue. Teaching you. Your cock stiffened against your better judgement. But did you know what to do with it, how to USE it? On… her daughter? Her hand clamped around your shaft, stroking it. Could you stop yourself from cumming? You had better. Otherwise you could forget ever getting with her girl. If you pleased your girlfriend’s mother… you would please her daughter. In ALL ways. And you had better prove it.

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