Xev Bellringer – The Witch’s Possession

How could your friends think it was funny to trick you and your sister into staying at this old cabin on Halloween during a terrible storm. Alone. The two of you had no choice but to stay there for the night, a prospect which would normally excite you, finally being alone with her… the one girl you continually fantasized about… if it weren’t for one thing. The house was haunted.

She didn’t buy a word of what your friends wrote in their cautionary note. About the mysterious woman that used to live here, who would lure and seduce men to their deaths. But your sister couldn’t deny, odd things started happening as soon as it got dark. Things that made you want to be close to her, to feel her body against yours throughout the night. To smell her, the same intoxicating scent you enjoyed from the panties you’ve stolen.

And she knew. With her bravery quickly fading, your sister would have no choice but to sleep with the horny, little brother who couldn’t keep his hands and cock off her panties. But not without warning you to keep your perverted hands to yourself… that there was no way in hell she would ever let you fuck her. She was your sister, after all.

But in the deep of the night, that would all change. Strange sounds in the walls, enchanting whispers from the darkness began to… do things to her as she slept. Move her in ways you’ve never seen before. Was this a dream? Her hands feverishly explored plump, soft breasts. Grabbing, groping, squeezing them together as she gasped and moaned orgasmically. Pulling at the tight shirt and bra until both were removed from her body, exposing her erect nipples. Your sister’s nipples.

Then she was staring… at you. Her body heaved up and mounted yours before you could say a thing. Her hips rhythmically humping and thrusting against your cock, stimulating the already pulsating shaft through your shorts. She was finally on top of you, grinding you, whispering about the filthy things she would do to you as her big tits swung against your face. Was this really your sister?

Her hand slid down to release your eager cock and guide into an irresistibly soft, wet vagina. The first you’ve ever had… and ever would want. Nothing else mattered in that moment, as long as you could keep fucking her. Even if it wasn’t really… your sister. Even if she had said she would never let you bury your cock inside of her, like you were right now. You didn’t care. You’d give anything to keep her riding you, taking you deep between her legs, begging for your seed… anything. Even your life.

Fantasy includes: taboo, executrix, virtual sex, erotic magic, transformation, orgasmic possession, breast groping, cock grinding, seduction, sensual domination, riding, virtual creampie, forced male orgasm, cleavage, pov

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