Xplicit Films – Defeated Heroines – Superheroine Ransom 5

The movie starts with the Emerald Avenger unconscious and in chains in Darkskull’s dungeon. Darkskull has a video camera going and he’s streaming to the whole world saying that the Emerald Avenger is being held for ransom. He wakes her up and starts taunting her and telling her how worthless and weak she is. While videoing, he stops to grope her a few times.

Right on schedule, Supergirl finds Darkskull’s hideout and comes barging in demanding the release of the Emerald Avenger. Supergirl quickly finds out she’s unable to break the chains holding the Emerald Avenger. Darksull laughs and releases the Emerald Avenger. She crumples to the floor as he tells Supergirl that she has been poisoned and has about an hour to live. Only he has the serum to save the Emerald Avengers life.

He tells the heroines what it’s going to take to get the serum, and Supergirl tries to beat it out of him instead. She flings him around the room, but it doesn’t work. As it turns out, the serum is his cum. Both heroines realize what they have to do, and they reluctantly get to it. Both girls drop to their knees and start blowing Darkskull. The Emerald Avenger mounts him and rides cowgirl. After he shoots his load into her, she collapses on the floor. Supergirl turns around just in time to get a face full of green gas that puts her out. He continues streaming the whole thing live.

Bad guy wins!

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