American Mean Girls – All Day Lezbo Foot Worship FULL CLIP

Princess Amber and Alexandria have a VERY busy schedule. They have amazing social lives, just like other super hot girls, which means they don’t always have time to sit around the house to use and mistreat their slaves. In this ALL DAY EVENT, Amber and Alexandria are going in and out of the house, going on dates, going out to brunch, spending loser’s money… its TRULY exhausting. On the plus side, they just got this NEW female slave to serve and worship them. Do you know how hot you have to be to not only dominate beta males, but females too?! The female slave is SUPER eager to please the Mean Girls. (OBVIOUSLY) She is ready to prove herself worthy of serving ROYALTY… even if that means being used to worship perfect feet ALL DAY LONG! You can imagine how humiliating it must be for this slave. LITERALLY being used by the hottest girls for their own pleasure. Princess Amber and Princess Alexandria literally sit on top her and shove their feet in her mouth, make sniff their stockings and wait outside the bedroom while they fck hot alphas. These Mean Girls find it hilarious and how much power they have over this femsub. They can do WHATEVER they want to her, and she thanks them for it since it’s the ONLY way she can be around hot goddesses. Have you ever seen the look on lezbo girls face when they are in love with someone SO OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE? … watch this clip to find out hahaha

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