Angel The Dreamgirl – If You Stay

Arriving home from a party with your date, you had a few to much drinks, so you are a bit drunk, you’re date is helping you and you barely made it to the couch. Once on the couch, you will tell you’re date that your feet are killing you, he will offer a foot massage and after a while, the foot massage will turn you on, and you will start fooling around with your date. He will kiss every inch of your body, lips, neck, breast, hands, legs and special attention to your feet.

When kissing and licking your feet and toes he realises that you has passed out, he will try to wake you up but you are so out that it will be impossible. He decides to have a little fun with your limp body, he will play with your head, mouth, arms, legs and again special attention with your feet, then he will undress you, carry to your bed and make you give him a foot job. He will cum on your feet, when he is done he will leave. You are wearing a party dress, high hells, fully fashioned tan stockings, black underwear and garters, maroon finger a toe nails, heavy makeup and intense red lips painted.

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