Angel The Dreamgirl – Multi-tasking Maid (First part)

Short version:

A maid is cleaning a room in which a guest is watching some porn, she will give him a handjob which is later followed by a blow job, with a ending moneyshot.

The Multi-tasking Hotel Cleaner Intro

[Camera angle from my Point Of View.]

To set the scene, there is a shot of about 30 seconds where I’m walking through the foyer and you are walking in the other direction in your uniform like an employee. Just as you pass me, I drop my room key including the cover showing my room number. I turn and see you hike up your skirt and bend over at the hips in a slow sexy way to pick up the room key. Your skirt comes up all the way at the back revealing that you are not wearing any panties. [Low camera angle if necessary] Standing back up, you look inside the room key cover at my room number before handing it back to me and looking me up and down with a smile. You then walk off.

Scene 1 – Multi-tasking hotel room clean

[Camera angle from my P.O.V.]

I’m watching the adult movie channel in my hotel room when there is a knock at the door and the familiar call “Housekeeping”. I mute the TV and answer the door.
You dressed conservatively on top with a light blue chamber maid outfit with a coloured apron (ideally with the hem raised to reveal more of your legs). Also are wearing a hotel badge. Your attire gets more sexy below with your legs are in sheer pantyhose with a seam down the back of them and your feet in high heels. You are wearing long dangling earrings and your hair is tied up in a conservative manner.
The hotel room looks as realistic as the room in “Dancing sweet sister”. If not a real hotel room there should be nothing unrealistic for a hotel room. Instead of arriving from a hallway, you could come in from outside the front door.
Addressing me as “Sir”, you ask if you can clean my room. You say that I should continue to do whatever I was doing as usual.
You walk in confidently. I try to cover up the porn on the TV but you tell me that it’s perfectly fine and that I should continue doing exactly what I was before you entered. I lie back on the bed and start watching the porn.
There is men’s underwear strewn all over the floor – particularly around the bottom and side of the bed. You tell me that the room is a terrible mess waving your finger at me to tell me off. You sigh and bend over slowly again and again facing away from me to pick up my underwear from the floor. I start stroking the bulge in my pants.
You sniff each item of underwear to decide if they are clean or dirty and place them in two piles at the foot of the bed. At one point you put a high heeled foot up on the bed and lean over so that you skirt hikes up as if you are trying to compete with the porn on the TV.
You offer me a beer from the mini bar. You bring the bottle and a glass over to where I’m sitting and clumsily miss the glass when you pour so that most of the beer pours out onto my crotch. You look genuinely shocked when you see what a mess you have made on my pants. You say that you are a better cleaner than bar maid. You look really sheepish now.
You grab a cloth and begin dabbing my pants to soak up the beer. You ask me to stand up. You shyly ask me for permission to undo my belt, then to undo my pants, then to take my pants off to get to the dampness underneath. You dab the front of my underpants – gently and carefully to begin with, then more and more vigorously rubbing up and down my bulge.
You look carefully at my underpants and say that you will have to remove them to dry them out. You promise to close your eyes while you pull them off. You very slowly edge my elastic waistband down with you eyes shut. I thrust myself forward so that my semi-covered cock is directly under your chin. My cock finally pops out from the elastic and slaps you on the chin. You apologise profusely, keeping your eyes shut. I calmly pull my underpants back up and signal for you to try removing the again. I make you slap your chin with it a couple more times.
You remove my underpants and put them in a laundry bag.
I point out a stain on the bedside table. You bend over to have a close look at it. You raise the cleaning container to squirt some cleaner on your cloth but I push it away indicating that I’m not happy with chemical cleaners.
You tell me that it’s no problem and you will use natural cleaners instead. You summon up a large quantity a of spit, making some loud un-ladylike noise as you do so. You slowly dribble it out onto the side table before beginning to rub it with the cloth.
Whilst you are cleaning the bedside table carefully, I am stroking my dick on the bed close beside you.
You glance across sheepishly to look at my dick several times, looking back immediately to the tabletop that you are cleaning to avoid looking unprofessional.
After a few glances, you ask whether I would like some lubrication too. You summon up a large quantity a of spit, making some un-ladylike noise as you do so. You bend over me and slowly dribble it out onto my dick being careful to be accurate from some high above. You return to applying the cleaner to the rag and rubbing the bedside table as if nothing unusual just happened.
You notice me struggle to keep masturbating whilst changing channel and drinking beer simultaneously. You ask if I would like a hand so that I can change channels and drink at the same time. You put a rubber glove on your hand closest to me. You leave the cleaning hand without a glove. You spit on your gloved hand.

[Alternate to wide angle across the bed.]

You rub a cloth up and down the bedside lamp whilst casually rubbing your gloved hands up and down my cock simultaneously. You alternate looking at one and then the other every 10 seconds or so. You say that you must multi-task to get your cleaning done in time. You ask if I am multi-tasking appropriately. You continue demonstrating your multi-taking skills for a while.

[POV angle]

After a while I pull you roughly by both belts from behind. I tie up each wrist at opposite ends of the towel rack.
I insert my cock slowly down your throat until you gag on it. I give you an increasingly rough and fast throat fucking thrusting your head back against the bathroom wall. This continues for a few minutes, pausing only to allow you to dribble saliva out onto your blouse and for the camera to slowly pan over how messy you have become. Eventually I untie you but keep jerking myself.
You exit – panting for breath – to the mirror in the hallway.
[Camera close-up panning down to show the mess on your uniform]
You adjust your clothes and hair carefully (ignoring the spit on your blouse). You then carefully apply your lip gloss carefully, bending over close to the mirror.

[POV angle]

You ask me if you look pretty again. I reply by suddenly pulling you around by the shoulder and pushing you down into a squatting position against the mirror with your head back against it. I cum, emptying my balls specifically onto your forehead.
You turn around, looking at yourself in the mirror and making adjustments to your clothes and hair. You notice cum that you think it on the mirror. You scrub vigorously over the reflection of the cum in the mirror but none of it is cleaned up. It just drips down your face onto your uniform as you are keeping your head back.
You apologise for not being able to clean the mirror. Given that the mirror is dirty, you ask me

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