Ashley Albans Fetish Fun – Ash Grows A Dick

Ash just does not understand why guys are so obsessed with their dicks. Shes not obsessed with her vagina. She doesnt care about how it looks, or feel a sense of pride or embarrassment over it. She doesnt understand why guys get so weird when it comes to their dicks. Ash wants to find out what the big deal is. She received an experimental pill that can allow a girl to grow a dick, but only for a few hours. Ash decides to try it. She swallows the pill down with some water and hopes nothing goes wrong. As she sits on her sofa, she begins to feel a tingling between her legs. After a few moments, she nervously lifts up her skirt, and discovers a massive cock.

Ash cant believe how big her dick is! She is intrigued about what it must feel like to jack off. She grabs her cock and slowly runs her hang up and down. It feels so good! Ashley spits on her dick and starts to stroke it faster. She gets really turned and pulls her breasts out of her top. Ashley jacks off until she cums. She cant believe how fun it is having a dick!

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