Ashley Fires Fetish Clips - The Manchurian Son - Modern Family Taboo

Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – The Manchurian Son – Modern Family Taboo

Harlo had finally worked up the courage to stand up to his mother. He stormed into the room Im done, Mother, he said. I dont want anything to do with you anymore. Im leaving you and Im married too. There is nothing that you can do to ruin my Marriage now! She glared at him, her gaze was cold and without emotion, she lit up a cigarette. Harlo, why dont you entertain yourself with a game of solitaire? Harlo, completely entranced at the suggestion sat down, proceeded to pick up the deck of cards and began to play. As he came across the Queen of Diamonds he froze, his trance grew even deeper; he was now an empty vessel under her control. She stood, cigarette in hand, You are awaiting orders from a U.S. operative, she was the operative but she left that out, her son was a sleeper agent trained by the Communists to assassinate the upcoming presidential nominee. You are to shoot and kill him two minutes into his acceptance speech. She continued. Harlo had never known that he was a professional assassin and his own dear mother was his handler. She explained to him his target and how to go about the assassination with great detail, when I rise to power I will ground them into dirt for what they did to you! She exclaims. Before she sends him on his great mission she decides that it is time that she felt his cock deep inside of her, she had wanted him for so long now. She orders him to stand up and take your cock out he is still under her control and does as she says First she teases him, sucking his big hard cock, looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, I want you to fuck me now! He bends her over and fucks her from behind before they end up in a multitude of hot positions. She cums again and again then starts sucking his cock; she loves the taste of her pussy on her sons big dick, I want to taste you, cum for me! Cum for your Mommy! Harlo cums almost immediately all over her pretty face, Now go make Mommy proud

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