BBC Brainwashed by Lindsey and Jessica

Your sensual seductresses are back and ready to rewire you. Get naked and on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths in, you’re going to need them. It is no secret you have been experimenting with your sexuality. It all began so innocently with porn, watching another man pleasure a hot woman. Then you began to envy these men, you couldn’t seem to get a woman to orgasm. Your jealousy consumed you until you met us. We gave you purpose. If you can’t please a woman then your cock is useless and you may as well just be a hole for a real man. Clip after clip, brainwash after brainwash it finally sank in. You love cock. Though we have gotten you this far, its time to push you over the edge with big black cock. Listen, focus and jerk off to these huge throbbing cocks while your superior goddesses get into your head and reprogram

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