ClubStiletto – Restroom, Elevator, Anywhere feat. Mistress T

We dug into the vaults and painstakingly took the best parts of three older WMV clips and made it into one kinky, hot MP4 clip, so now you can view all the action in the highest possible quality! This clip features Mistress T and her ass licker slave, along with some interaction from her girlfriends, Mistress Bijou and Goddess Samantha along with a random woman that happened to be on one of the elevator trips. Watch as Mistress T makes initial contact on the elevator with a creep who is following her, and turns him into her full-time ass licker.

She uses him during three separate trips on the public elevator and also in the restroom of a restaurant, where he kneels while he waits for her to finish using the toilet so he can lick her clean. When he’s finished, Mistress T tells him remain kneeling and to wait until she returns, which might cause some issues when the next woman comes in. But who knows? She might need her ass licked, too, and this slave seems all too eager to lick asshole whether it’s clean, sweaty, or just plain dirty. If you’ve ever dreamed of such a life, you won’t want to miss this clip!

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