Domthenation – Rory Knox – Toe to Head

While Act II of Sodomy of the Good Girl gets edited, I would like to share a short clip that marks the beginning of a 5-day period that I spent with Rory Knox. Rory is from California but flew out to meet me at a Maryland Compound at the end of my southern tour. Our time together was extraordinary; we developed a real connection and produced so much material that I figure I should start to share it.

This clip consists mostly of Rory worshipping my feet, though it has some spanking and face slapping as well. Mainly what I’m doing here is establishing an initial dynamic and feeling Rory out. I could tell, as I think you will too, that her potential was immense and that we were going to have quite a domination and submission adventure together. I call this “Toe to Head,” because it starts with Rory worshipping my feet and then moves toward the activation of submission in Rory’s brain.

All kinds of films will be coming next. Imagine anal kitty play in a labyrinth during sunset, face fucking while bound to some stringy tree branches, ass eating by the water, and what has to be the first-ever sex and BDSM graphic art-making session with a projector outdoors at night.

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