Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hitchhiker Victim – Part 1

This was really too easy. This totally trusting hitchhiker on the side of the road saw me as an unassuming woman and allowed me to give him a ride while hitchhiking in a foreign country. He loaded his stuff into my van and started making small talk, not knowing he had crawled into my web. I offer him a drink of some water, he seemed thirsty after all. He begins to get warm and sleepy and it’s only when it’s too late that he realizes he’s been tricked. My special drink makes its way through his system and his limbs go slack. He can’t move, only watch as I pull off to the side of the road and start to strip him. I know the poison I gave him will reach his heart much faster if I can get it pumping. So I decide to pump him. While I handle his cock, he grows closer and closer to orgasm. He’s trying to resist even through the poison, but it won’t help.

As soon as he cums, his life is over.

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