Goddess Zephy – Abuse of Power – locked in chastity

OMG this loser worships me!! The chastity device was the best thing I ever purchased!! it has turned my slave into a glossy eyed, mushy puddle of patheticness at my heels…TOTALLY drooling over my sexy ass, legs, calves and feet! he will literally do ANYTHING I say without question because he knows NOT to fuck around, or he’s NEVER getting out of that chastity cage!! I HAVE ALL THE POWER, and it makes me wet.

This clip is general torment and exploitation of my slave’s desperate mental state– since locking him up (this is day 3), I’ve noticed an improvement in attitude and focus: I have literally become his world…he follows me around like a little puppy, drooling at my feet and obeying my every little command at the snap of my manicured fingers. I have him wrapped around my little toe, it’s actually really pathetic but at the same time utterly hilarious to watch a grown man being reduced to crawling around on the floor, following my feet around–ANY command is instantly obeyed without question. I’m going to have fun with this >:) And oh yes, I flaunt my hot, sexy body every second of the day–tormenting his weakened male brain with my tight, toned feminine curves, cute bubble butt, shapely legs and calves, and my cute pedicured princess feet. he doesn’t stand a chance!!!

In this clip, I allow my slave the privilege of worshiping from his knees–my ass down to the heel of my shoe, making him lick the kitchen tile around my feet, the bottom of my shoe, arches of my sweaty feet…and press nearly full weight into his swollen balls with my powerful feet. Torturing him is an extreme turn on, and my dripping wet pussy is orally serviced into an amazing orgasm, after which I have my bitch massage my goddess feet while I relax. Enjoy!!!

Goddess Zephy has Her slave on the floor, with its chastity device on, worshipping Her ass and legs while She browses the web. She then allows it to worship Her tits while rubbing Her pussy, and teasing its chastity device with Her foot. The slave is then given the privilege of licking the Goddess’pussy, bringing Her to an explosive orgasm.

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