Helena Price – Magic Beans (EPISODE 2)

Those Damn Magic Beans strike again!! The World’s most powerful aphrodisiac is a dangerous thing! 1/4 of one Bean is a “mega” dose. Conor is planning to use his Magic Beans on a hot girl at school…but when he carelessly leaves them unattended in the living room…his Mom sees them…and not knowing what they are…she eats a whole handful!!! Mom has seriously overdosed!!! Conor freaks out when he sees his Mom chomping down a whole mouthful of the Magic Beans…and as soon as she swallows…Mom goes crazy!!! She pulls down Conor’s pants and starts sucking his cock. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me….I’ve never been so horny in my life” Mom says as she sucks her Son’s cock. Then Mom orders her Son to lick her cunt…and boy oh boy….does Mom ever cum!!!! Mom gets Conor to fuck her hard….and this is a fucking you don’t want to miss!!! Mom absolutely gets pounded….and she cums a dozen times!!!

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