Highland Manor House – Ballroom Bully Girlfriend

Bella is naked, kneeling beside the toilet. Scarlet return early to find that Bella hasn’t cleaned the toilet yet and is angry.

Scarlet slaps Bella’s face and spits in it, calling her a Dumb Bitch and a Toilet Slut.

Scarlet spits on the toilet seat, and tells Bella to clean it with her tongue. Bella licks the toilet seat. Scarlet puts her boot on Bella’s head to make her clean it harder. Scarlet then tells Bella’s to lick her boots.

Bella is dragged over to the bath and told to get in. Scarlet removes her trousers and stands over her and pisses on Bella. Bella is instructed to masturbate in Scarlet piss, while Scarlet laughs.

Scarlet pisses on Bella’s face and in her mouth.

When finished, Scarlet rubs Bella’s face in the piss in the bath.

Scarlet fastens on her Strap-On and leans Bella over the bath, and fucks her with her cock while Bella’s face is in the piss.

Scarlet walks Bella over to the toilet, while her cock is still in Bella’s pussy, and puts her head down the toilet and flushes it.

Scarlet fucks Bella while Bella’s head is in the toilet, and leaves her there.

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