Highland Manor House – Bathroom Bullies

Miss Scarlet and Princess Aurora have Bella naked on the bathroom floor and have written humiliating words on her body. They verbally humiliate and degrade her, bully her mercilessly until she feels completely worthless.

They are going to turn Bella into their Bathroom Slut. Spitting on her naked body and face, making her speed her legs so that they can spit on her pussy, stretching her mouth while they spit in her mouth and down her throat, laughing as they degrade their Bathroom Slut.

They slap Bella’s face, and insert their feet in her mouth, and then their fists. They repeatedly call her a dirty, dirty whore, as they kick her between her legs, pussy busting, and afterwards command Bella to kiss their feet.

They sit on Bella’s face hard, and Bella’s moans of anguish are ignored.

Then they urinate on her, making her play with her pussy and masturbate with their urine and rub it into her naked body.

They put their panties in Bella’s mouth and make her mop up all the piss from the floor, as they urinate on her back so that it just makes the floor wet again. Pulling her hair they use Bella’s face as a piss mop.

They drag her to the toilet and put her head down it, before flushing it and making Bella scream. They close the lid and pretend to fuck her from behind as her head is inside the toilet.

The Bathroom Bullies have humiliated and degraded their Bathroom Slut.

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