LadyFyreFemdom – Brooklyn Chase – Hard Lessons Tramp Teacher Blackmailed

Mr. Fyre’s son was late for football practice. As punishment he takes his son’s phone away. He then discovers that his son was late because he had apparently been up all night sexting with his teacher, Mrs. Chase. Mr. Fyre decides he had better have a meeting with Mrs. Chase to discuss the matter and find out just what the heck is going on between his son and this teacher who as it turns out is a very sexy woman. Of course his son is sexting with her but why is she messing around with her students?? Is she some kind of sex crazed predator? Clearly she is if she is exchanges naughty texts with her very own student. Mr. Fyre, being a guy who gets things done, heads right over to her classroom where he teaches this tramp teacher a hard Lesson she’ll never forget. This scene ends with a facial and cum in mouth. This is indeed a rough scene and even degrading in parts, yet you just can’t help but notice the wonderful chemistry between Laz and Brooklyn.

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