LazFyre – Blackmailing Fitness Chick – Cali Carter

Cali Carter is one of the top competitors that I am coaching for this year’s Women’s Petite Figure Category of the local Body Building Competition. Cali has been working hard on her physique at the gym and with specialized dieting and is an absolute shoo in for the prize. There’s only one problem. Cali hasn’t paid off her coaching fees that she owes me. I believed in her abilities when I took her into my coaching program and just figured that we would arrange something before contest time. Well, time’s up and here we are on the morning of the contest and she hasn’t paid me what she owes me. The contest rules dictate that all contestants must have all their coaching fees paid by contest day or else be disqualified. This is a real problem. All her work and my crucial instruction will be for nothing if doesn’t find a way to settle up with me before she walks onto the contest stage. I only want to see Cali succeed so I come up with a way for her to pay off her debts. I think it’s a square deal and she seems more or less willing to do whatever it takes just to get it over with so she can make her rise to glory in the Fitness Competitor’s World. As it turns out everyone gets what they want and that is what I call a happy ending.

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  • Andrew 5 years ago

    Is it possible you could post Cherie DeVille – The Experiment from primals?