Licking Girls Feet – Nicole and Fox – Some of you will remain hungry today

Nicole and Fox walked down the street for a long time today and returned home where two slave girls, christina and anna, were faithfully waiting for them. As soon as the girls entered the corridor, the slave girls immediately leaned over to their feet and began kissing their sneakers. “I like their zeal, let’s find out which one will try to worship us best.” Fox suggested. Nicole happily supported this idea and the girls went into the room. The pathetic slave girls licked the girls’ dirty sneakers and sniffed them from the inside. Then Nicole and Fox wiped their sweaty feet on the tongues of the slave girls and laughed at them. The girls pushed their feet deep into their mouths and discussed their worthlessness. They decided that which of the slave girls would try their best to receive a reward and they would feed her .. the other would only receive punishment. Which of the slave girls do you think will be lucky? anna or christina? Nicole and Fox decided that christina was doing her best … she was trying her best and they kicked her into the kitchen to get ready for dinner. Slave girl anna will have to stay and serve the girls’ feet further. They tied her up and laughed at her. Pathetic anna crawled like a worm behind the girls’ feet and worshiped them. “You’re out of dinner today, but we know you like our feet.” Nicole and Fox laughed and pushed their feet into anna’s mouth. They spat in her face and anna could only thank them and carry out all the humiliating orders. After Nicole and Fox had fun with anna, they headed to the kitchen, where christina was waiting under the table. The girls promised christina food and she will receive it .. though she will eat it from the floor as it should be for a pet. Nicole and Fox eat sushi, throw it on the floor and crush it with their feet. The slave girl licks the food from the girls’ feet and chews thoroughly. After all, that’s all she will gets for today.

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