Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Ludella Hahn’s Batgirl Striptease

Ever wanted to see Batgurl strip out of her batsuit just for you? Want to see her transition from crime-fighting superheroine to an exotic dancer? This is the clip to fulfill that fantasy. Batgurl first enters to heroic music showing off her fighting skills with kicks, punches, cape swooping and power posing, but then the music turns into something a little exotic and sexy. Her hips start swaying back and forth and she teases you with her mask…slowly unmasking herself. She whips her red hair around and undulates to the floor. On her hands and knees she crawls toward you, then turns so her BIG BUTT is facing you. She thrusts her hips to the floor. In this long slow striptease, you’ll get a taste of some extended nerdlesque. She does lots of air humping, hip shaking, and peels herself out of her boots, gloves and batsuit like a real stage performance, only she’s doing it intimately just for you. See her big butt in nothing but a g-string, until she peels that off and slingshots it at you, rubbing baby oil all over her curvaceous figure as she sexily sways and teases you. Is this the brainwashed Batgurl from my last Batgurl episode release working a side job as a stripper? Or is this just Batgurl letting you get to know her more intimately? You decide…

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