Mandy Flores – Gambling Housewife Eviction Notice (Parts 1 & 2)

Custom video request: The idea would be a desperate young housewife who is responsible for paying the bills for her and her husband. She has a gambling problem and is several months behind in the rent. Her landlord is threatening to tell her husband and evict them both. The first video would be just the two of them alone in her apartment while her husband is at work. His threat to evict forces her to submit to being extensively groped and fingered while sitting on a sofa. He has exposed her breasts. Her skirt is hiked up around her waist and her panties are around her knees. There should be plenty of tender but possessive kissing which your character tries to avoid but is forced to endure. Eventually she climaxes from the fingering. She is ashamed and humiliated, but shocked by the intensity of the pleasure and not wanting her landlord to know how good it felt. He then strips her naked and takes her in the cowgirl position, holding her body close to his. He kisses her neck and should and plays with her hair while he is fucking her. The second video would have the landlord meeting her at her door. She is coming home late from an evening out with the girls. Her husband has fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for her. Her landlord forces her to let him inside her apartment where he molests her up against the wall with her husband asleep in the same room. He exposes her breasts and has her panties around her ankles while he gropes, fondles, fingers, and kisses her some more. She is forced to hold her skirt up for him while he plays with her. He drops to his knees and suckles her clit until she cums for him. She fights desperately to stay quiet during her climax. He then takes her from behind with her facing the wall and then face-to-face. He pushes her to her knees and cums on her on her face and breasts, drenching her in his semen and leaves.

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