Meana Wolf – A Sister’s Honesty

You’re becoming a man…and things are starting to change. Specifically your body. Every morning you wake up and look down at your morning wood and wonder…”is my dick big?”. It’s starting to eat you up inside…you feel like you have to know if your dick is big enough for a girl to be satisfied. You need a girl’s opinion…but you don’t have any girlfriends and that would be way too awkward. You know your mom would just lie to you anyway and besides, that would be so humiliating. You’ve heard some of the senior boys talking at school about your older sister, Meana. They say she really knows her way around a dick… in fact, it’s pretty well known around the school that’s she’s fucked all the good looking guys on the football team. And…well if Meana is anything… she’s brutally honest. So you approach her in the bathroom before dinnertime. It takes you a long time to get it out but you finally muster up the courage to say “Sis, I need you to tell me if I have a big dick or not. And I need you to be brutally honest and I know you’ll know since you’ve seen so many dicks before”. She laughs her ass off and teases you mercilessly. But she’s not ashamed of the fact that she loves dick… she sure as hell don’t wanna see yours though. She tells you to get lost, but she can see that you’re feeling really insecure. So she agrees. She is a pretty cool sister after all. You whip it out and she takes a deep breath before staring right at your cock. “Actually…it’s not that bad…it’s kinda nice… well, I dunno. Like, are you a grower or a shower?” She insists that she won’t know for sure unless you get your dick hard. So she tells you to stroke it… You try but it feels too weird doing it in front of your sister. She says she’ll help you a bit… she says you can look at her tits… she says you can touch them too. You do… and your dick starts to get hard. She reaches down and touches it. But she says you can’t just have a nice dick…it’s gotta taste good too. And what good is having a nice dick that tastes good if you don’t know how to use it? If she’s going to grade your dick for you… she’s going to have to feel it too. Your rock hard cock doesn’t disagree, and you slide it deep inside your sister. She tells you just how to do it…she shows you how to use it right. She tells you to cum inside her. You do what you’re told… and after your done… she’ll tell you the honest truth about your cock.

Clip Contains: The sibling dynamic is on fire in this fun and playful virtual clip. Your sister is ready to give you her opinion on whether or not you have a nice dick. The only problem is there’s more than just length to a good dick… it’s gotta look good, taste good… it’s gotta feel good too and your sister is going to need to sample everything in order to give you her honest opinion.

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