Meana Wolf – My Girlfriend’s Mom

“I know it’s confusing. We live in a world the seems to fetishize youth… and here you are… a barely legal young man who is dating a girl your age. And you can’t stop thinking about her mom. You came over to my house for dinner… and while you were playing footsies underneath the table with my daughter you were staring at my nice titties and my big round ass. Thinking about my grown up pussy, and what it would feel like to have your smooth young cock deep inside of it. My daughter is too young and doesn’t know how to handle a boy like you. You’re Just hitting puberty and your hormones are raging…testosterone is coursing through your body and giving you raging boners. My experienced body knows just how to fuck a young man like you…when your cock is inside of me I can feel when it twitches and throbs…I know when you’re going to cum. I can stop and make it last longer, or I can squeeze your cock with my cunt and milk your cock for everything you have. You’re young body will be ready to fuck again in minutes heheh. I need some nice young cock like that. It just so happens that I’m hitting my sexual peak at the same time as you…and all of a sudden all of my young daughter’s boyfriends look so fuckable. I know why you’re here, you don’t have to play dumb with me. You want a real woman…a woman who knows just how to handle that raging fucking cock of yours. So whip it out and show me what you got young man… just give me what I need…a nice hard young cock inside of me!”

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