MeanaWolf – Total ASSimilation

This Clip is not for boys who simply like dick from time to time. This clip is for advanced sissy sluts who are ready to ASSimilate themselves into complete mindlessness. Are you a good little cum towel? You will be when I’m done with you. Just watch the screen, and listen to my voice. That tight little ass of yours will open like a flower for me. You’re going to be my perfect little sissy princess after this. Your ass will gape wide enough to take cock as big as you want…and I know how much you like big cock…that’s why this video is filled with more big dick than ever. I’m going to fill your mind, your mouth and your tight little fuck hole with dick. I’m going to take you so deep… I’m going to push you over the edge… and if you aren’t already completely gay? Well this video will convert you. But honestly…. we all know you’re gay already so let us not pretend. Pretending is lying… and lying is like a poison. There’s only one antidote for a poisoned mind….and thats a mouthful of cum. Let the ASSimilation Begin.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: The antidote you seek. The medicine you need. That thing you crave. I’m going to violate your mind and I’m going to violate your body with this intense visual buffet of cock. I’m going to make you fuck yourself silly. I’m going to take away your free will…and I’m going to turn you into the perfect little brainless robo whore. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be so thirsty for cum you’ll beg me to swallow your own…and you will…but not until I’ve totally turned you.

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