Miss Roper – Ravaging A Little Lamb feat. Miss Roper & Mistress Tangent

Poor little Lizzy Lamb has no idea what she’s in for, wide-eyed, restrained to a piece of dungeon furniture and at the disposal of Miss Roper & Goddess Tangent. The pair plans to invade every one of her holes, gagging and fucking her pretty face clean of makeup with balled up fingers & thick strap-ons. Her tight little pussy filled and stretched open, their large cocks taking turns pounding into her. There isn’t one moment when Miss Roper and Goddess Tangent allow her to be empty, whether it be with their body parts or fluids; parting her mouth wide and spitting into her face and throat. This little lamb is completely destroyed by the hands and strap-ons of Miss Roper & Goddess Tangent. Tears filling her eyes, which roll into the back of her head; the ravaging sends her spiraling into the depths of subspace as her body is used as a vessel for Miss Roper & Goddess Tangent’s amusement and pleasure.

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