MissaX - Every Boy's Fantasy III

MissaX – Every Boy’s Fantasy III

Includes: Sisters: Lyra Law, Adria Rae, brother Robby Echo, female training, feminist sisters, forced, blackmail, virginity sex

Adria enters Lyra’s bedroom eager to play with the metronome. Let’s see if we can put him under, he can do my lit paper, my chores, and my… Lyra cuts her off mid-sentence, “you need to think bigger than that.” Lyra explains that if they can teach their method to all women, then women can entrance men, they can finally earn their rightful place and rule the world! The sisters sneak down the stairs and interrupt their brother playing video games.

He’s hesitant to play until Lyra finds his achilles heel, his ego. Lyra mentions to Adria, “I figured he’d be too much of a pussy to play.” Robby is eager to prove how brave he is and how silly their mesmerizing game is and agrees to play. Lyra and Adria perform the technique for the first time together and it works, Robby’s eyes roll in the back of his head, he falls under their spell and is ready to mindlessly obey. Lyra orders, “take off your shirt,” Robby peels off his shirt revealing his muscular torso. Adria looks at Lyra, wide-eyed and confused. Lyra shrugs her shoulder, “what?” I’m just curious.” Adria looks at Robby and considers before she orders him, “take off your pants.” Lyra scoffs, “Adria!” Adria imitates Lyra’s cool indifference, “what? I’m curious too.” The girls order Robby to stand in front of them naked while they giggle at his tight briefs, his penis, his blank face. Lyra laughs so hard she feels a pain in her stomach, she hunches over with her arms grasping her stomach, her thick blonde hair waves through the air, the ends graze Adria’s face, ticking her nose, causing Adria to sneeze. *Ahh— ahhh– choo!*

Adria sneezes and it snaps Robby awake. There’s a high pitched ringing in his ears, his vision is blurry, it takes a few seconds before he realizes his sisters are standing in front of him with a look of alarm on their face. Lyra grabs Adria’s hand, “quick, run!” Robby looks down and sees he’s naked! He looks up at the girls and instinct kicks in, he’s full of rage, embarrassment, and eager to make them pay. He grabs the girls hair and pulls them down to their knees. The girls cry out, their knees hit the rug, he pulls them farther, forcing their faces beneath him. They look up and beg him for mercy, he grabs the metronome, they shut their eyes in protest. Lyra cries out in pain, “it won’t work unless we’re willing, dumbass!” He squints his eyes, “if you don’t look up, I’ll force you.” Adria worries he’ll pull her hair right out from her scalp and she peeks with one eye. Robby repeats the mantra that put him under the spell, and Adria begins to fall under. Lyra, eager to be let free, looks up as he orders. The girls fight to keep their mind but the mesmerizing technique is impossible to ignore, as much as they try to fight it, they fall under their own spell.

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