Superbound – Sienna Knight – The Nosy Neighbor Nabbed

Ultra beautiful buxom Sienna is tired of her neighbors making all that racket (it’s like glass being broken or something) and she marches over to see what’s going on. She knocks on the door and tries the knob and it opens. When she walks in she finds the last thing she was expecting: a masked goon who appears to be robbing the place. Clearly the noise she heard was his doing. Before she can make a hasty retreat he nabs the hapless girl, pulls her close and covers her pretty mouth. She goes into panic mode though and starts yelling through the handgag, stomping her feet and struggling to get free even as her captor notices how attractive she is and molests her all over! Even his threats don’t quite calm her down so he yanks her to the couch where her arms are pinned behind her back and she is told to behave. He then drags her to the fireplace where he has some shackles (clearly a prepared burglar!), which he puts on her wrists and ankles. A roll of tape is taken out and sends her back into panic mode until her cute mouth is plastered with some sticky tape that muffles her nicely. To make sure she stays put he attaches some more shackles from her wrists to the fireplace itself, leaving her unable to travel more than a few feet in any direction. Once the masked creep is gone she starts struggling as she tests the shackles and realizes they aren’t going to budge. Still she’s terrified and constantly rattles the shackles and shifts around trying to get free/comfortable. Eventually, the villain walks back in, knowing that she has no chance of getting away, and gropes her some more before and after stripping her of her top. She clearly brings out the lust in him, but he also realizes it’s time for him to go. Not before playing with his captive some more and putting her in some restrictive bondage that will keep her on ice until the homeowners find her!

Sienna has been stripped nude and is dragged to a chair while being kept handgagged. Her big breasts and sexy ass are groped and spanked before and after she has her mouth stuffed with her own panties and is tightly wraparound tapegagged. Shortly after this she is already tied up with rope and looks quite helpless. Her ‘mpphs’ are ignored as the burglar molests her for a while and then leaves her to explain to the homeowners why she’s in their house nude, bound and gagged! Meantime watching her boner-inducting struggling is definitely appealing. She writhes about her ample chest heaving as she appears almost shy about how submissive she feels in bondage. Plenty of closeups of all of her great assets leave little to imagine about as she manages to get to her knees and even her feet. Undoing the ropes proves a bit more difficult but that doesn’t mean she won’t keep trying!

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