Sweetfemdom – Bunny Evil – Bunny Colby Vs Superman

Evil Bunny Colby has been using her magic swinging watch to seduce and have her way with all the powerful men of Metropolis. Superman finds her in her evil lair and starts to take her in when she pulls out the watch.

He laughs at first and tells her to do her worst, but is quickly taken under her power.

She tells him “When I snap my fingers, you will be powerless over my seduction, and you believe that you need me to kick you in the balls in order to take me down…”
She snaps, and Superman gets uncontrollably horny. She lets him feel up her perfect body. Superman demands that she kicks him hard in the balls. The seductress giggles, then goes to town on his super balls. He gets harder the more she kicks.

Later on, Bunny Colby has the man of steel on his knees. He still thinks he’s taking her down, but the power of her swinging watch has all the control.
She tells him, “When I snap my fingers, you will desperately want me to fuck you with this strap on. You’ll believe that the only way to take me to prison is if I fuck your ass hard.”

Superman gets up and demands that she fuck his ass. She giggles and shoves it in him. Bunny revels in her conquer of the strongest hero in the world while she fucks his brains in in a few positions.
Finally she uses her watch to convince him that he has to cum with her cock in his ass and eat his cum if he wants to defeat her.

She strokes his cock and he cums all over his super suit. He then tells her he’s defeated her while eating his own cum.

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