TabooHeat – Kara Lee, Cory Chase – iShrink You Mom (16-09-2018)

Episode One

Mom has played her game with Kara and returned her daughter to normal size. Kara is now more upset than ever with her Mom and Horny for Dad.
Cory is gloating that she taught her daughter a lesson and expresses how she is in charge, Mom is the Boss and always will be the Boss…
After a minute or so, Kara grows tired of her Mother and turns the tables…Kara shrinks her Mom to the size of a bug!!! Mom is in shock as she grows smaller and smaller…
Kara with a HUGE grin, tells Mom “I will now fuck Dad when and wherever she wants. You cannot stop me…The only thing you can do Mom is watch and listen as Daddy fucks me like you only wish he would…I have the tight hard young body with perky tits! Not old Lady Tits and Ass like you Mom!!!”
Mom Begs and Pleads to her Daughter:
Please make me big again
I am sorry for playing a game with you
You can fuck your father anytime you want
I will raise your Credit Card Limit
Kara looks down at Mom and says…
Beg all you want Mom, this will be fun…Daddy is all mine!!!
Kara picks up Mom and carries her TV Table and says…”You get to watch me Seduce Daddy for the first time…Enjoy the Show Mom!!!”
Mom Says…”No…No…NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”
Dad comes in, Kara easily seduces him with her big breasts and they fuck…
After Dad is finished…Kara walks to Mom…”See Mom…That is how to do it!!!”
Mom must now run across the house to find her husband and beg him to make her large again…

Episode Two
Daughter Takes Over

Dining Room Table
Mom runs across the floor and climbs up the side table to yell out for help to her Husband.
Help Me you big Jerk
I saw you fucking our Daughter
Tell her to reverse the shrink ray!
I am your wife listen to me!!!
Kara brings Dad his Morning Coffee and she is only wearing a tiny Nightie…The Start the Small talk…
Kara lays down on the table and strips…
“Fuck Me Daddy! Fuck Me before your coffee gets cold.”
Dad strips and makes sweet love to his new Daughter/Wife
Mom Yells out to Kara
Stop this right now!!!
How Dare you Fuck Your Father!!!
Dad Finishes Fucking Kara and finishes his Coffee
Kara gets up and walks to Mom…
Mom, Dad did not hear you!
I am in charge now and you are nothing!

Episode Three
Where is Mom?

Dining Room
Cory wakes up and see Dad and Kara walking away…She runs to her Son s room…Maybe Jimmy Can Help Me…
Sons Room
She climbs up his dresser hoping the Son will come home from school and see Mom waiting…
Later that day…
Kara walks into Brother Jimmy s room and sees Mom on the Dresser…
Mom Says…”Get out of here…Don t you dare fuck your Brother Jimmy Too!!!” “I know what you are capable of”
Kara…”Oh Mom, I am not done fucking Dad yet…I have so much more to do with him…Maybe Anal?”
Mom Says…”No, you wouldn t…I never let your father do Anal on me!!!”
Kara…”Mom you are so old and Lame…You should live a little”
Dad walks in looking for Jimmy to throw the football around…
Dad…”Have you seen your Brother, Kara?”
Kara…”No Dad, he is doing his homework with his girlfriend…”
Dad…”Okay, if he comes home, tell him I was looking for him…”
Kara…Begins to get naked…Winks at Mom…Asks Dad to fuck her on Jimmy s bed. Dad can you cum in my mouth this time? I know Mom never swallowed before.
Dad has always wanted to do this and begins to fuck his daughter on the bed. He fucks her in all different positions and Kara smiles at her mom while Dad pounds her hard…
After Dad Cums in her mouth, she walks over to Mom…Still a little of Daddy still on her face…
Have you seen enough Mom? Have you learned your lesson? Are you ready to be big again?
Mom Says…Yes! Please make me big again!
Kara…”You must agree to one thing…I will only reverse the shrink ray if you agree to fuck me with Daddy!”
Mom…No way! I will never do that!!!
Kara…”Guess you will be small forever then…”
Mom…”Okay okay okay…I agree…”
Kara turns to Mom and blasts her with the shrink ray!!! She watches Mom grow and reminds her that tomorrow…It s a threesome…

Episode Four
Family Threesome

Parents Bedroom
Dad returns from work and find his wife eating out Kara in the bed.
Dad…”What is going on here???” “I am not sure if I like this…but I do”
Kara…”Mom and I have an agreement…You are fucking us both tonight”
Dad…”Sure…but where have you been Cory?”
Mom…”It s a long Story…I will explain after you fuck us both…”
Threesome happens…Dad fucks both…Cums in Kara s Mouth…she swaps Cum with Mom…Dad walks away to shower…
Kara turns to Mom…That was fun but having you tiny is WAY more fun…
Mom…”Wait no!!!”
Kara shrinks Mom and puts her away in a contain…”You are not going to sneak around anymore…Get in there…”
Scene ends with Mom banging on the sides of the glass container…

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