Tara Tainton – I Want To Be Close To You (3 April 2018)

Your father’s going to be late again… I guess I just wanted someone to talk to, to tell about my mundane day. Am I boring you? Oh, good.

Do you… have anything interesting to tell me about your day? Well, you’re such a good listener, you know. Really. And I’m just going on and on about nothing interesting… I just… Oh! I didn’t mean to do that! …to kiss you… on the lips…

I’ve never… I don’t know why… I just… I just wanted to be closer to you. I… just can’t… just tell me to stop, and I will!

But… you’re not moving away. You’re… kissing me back… You… you can’t tell anyone about this! Especially not your father!!

Tempts your tastes for bare shoulders, Cleavage, Cowgirl, Cuckold, Female Domination, female submission, male domination, Milf, Older Woman, Taboo, Virtual Kissing, Virtual Sex, woman on top

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  • Danny 5 years ago

    thanks dude, I’ve been wanting more Tara for a while now, she’s like a goddess of femdom.
    She has a ton of videos but they are quite hard to get, and most of the time websites repeat the ones I’ve already seen. Hope you could do a marathon of her someday

    • Fetishman 5 years ago

      actually we got bunch of her latest videos and we’ve added a new category for her on this websites. we will upload this collection gradually. i hope you enjoy it