ThatBondageGirl – Sex Slave Ashley’s Intake – Dixie Comet, Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane & Dixie Comet
Ashley is cuffed and shackled and is nervously pacing with an envelope in her hand. Ashley has been sent to be a sex slave to pay off her gambling debts. A woman enters the room and after a few slaps to the face, she introduces herself as Miss Dixie her slave trainer. Dixie sets down some ground rules for her to abide by as Slut Ashley stands there meek. Dixie takes off the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs and takes Slut Ashley’s first photo for her slave profile. She then tells Slut Ashley to get undressed as she asks her some basic questions. Slut Ashley tries to hide her body as she undresses but Dixie finds it annoying and helps yank her bra off for her. Once Slut Ashley is down to just her garter and stockings it’s time for photo number two of her in her slave attire.
Now it is time for the strip search. Dixie puts on gloves and begins by check her hair, then her mouth and tits. She makes Slut Ashley squat down and cough. A bag of dope comes out of her vagina and Dixie now has an excuse to punish Slut Ashley. She makes her get down on her knees and kiss her heels as she apologizes. She has Slut Ashley sit on the chair and makes her spread her pussy lips so she can make sure she isn’t hiding anything else in her pussy or asshole. Dixie gets Slut Ashley put into her slave restraints and makes her walk back and forth to get used to the feeling of being in full restraints. Dixie get the third and final photo for her slave profile, slave in restraints. She then gives Slut Ashley a little gift: a dildo to practice sucking cock on, a butt plug to train her asshole for fucking and her piss bowl which she is required to carry around with her since it is her only toilet. Dixie then orders Slut Ashley to piss but Ashley is too embarrassed to piss. Dixie threatens her and Slut Ashley abides and pisses but misses most of the bowl. So Dixie ‘accidentally’ spills it all down the front of her. Dixie gathers Slut Ashley’s clothes and leaves her there to go get towels so she can clean up her own piss mess. Ashley drops to the floor and sobs in her restraints and piss puddle.

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