Xev Bellringer – My Brother’s Severe Semen Backup

It was happening again, you felt the familiar stiffening of your cock in your shorts. That urgent throbbing and pumping through your shaft and balls only meant one thing: you had to cum and you had to cum quickly. The longer you failed to empty your seed, the more it built up and the more… life-threatening it became.

You ran to your sister’s room, where she lay sleeping. As she lazily shifted in the covers, mumbling in response to your calls for emergency, her breast slipped out of her shirt. That brief glimpse of her nipple sent a whole new flood of pressure to your cock. You had to wake her up, you had to convince her to help you… no matter how wrong it was.

Annoyed that your emergency erection roused her from her beauty sleep, your sister remained unconvinced of the seriousness of the circumstances. Both of her bare breasts swayed outside of her shirt now, completely exposed. She didn’t seem to notice, as you bombarded her with pleas to help relieve you of the pressure.

Incredulous, your sister called Mom on the phone hoping for affirmation of this joke. What she got was far from it. Her eyes widened – her brother had a condition of extreme semen overproduction… and Mom had been jerking him off whenever too much cum built up. Their mother! She couldn’t believe her ears, and it soon dawned on her that in Mom’s absence, she would have to drain you. Whenever you needed.

Mom instructed your sister to quickly take your large, engorged cock in her hand. After much protest, she gently squeezed. You felt a rush of pleasure as her fingers barely managed to wrap around your girth. Her big tits bounced around as her arm pumped faster and faster… you couldn’t imagine how much cum there might be, but wouldn’t dare warn your sister of the impending, powerful orgasm. Then it happened.

A pressured, huge, hot load of cum sprayed across her boobs as she yelped in surprise. Somehow… it was more satisfying to douse your unsuspecting sister in seed… and she could do nothing about it. She would just have to keep stroking your stiff, needy cock… to keep draining your full balls whenever you got hard. All day long. That’s all it’d take to make your sister perform for you. As you watched her idly play with the cum coating her big breasts, you felt yourself stiffen and rise again. You weren’t so sure this condition was a curse anymore… as much as a blessing.

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