YourFavoriteMommy – Seducing My Daughter

Mommy stumbles upon her sexy daughter in the shower. She finds her daughter’s panties on the bathroom floor and sneaks away to her bedroom to sniff them and touch herself. She is interrupted when her daughter enters to disclose that she has been feeling insecure about her developing body. Mommy uses the opportunity to take advantage of her vulnerable daughter.
She disrobes her girl, admires her body, and begins sweetly kissing her. The passion takes over and Mommy sucks her girl’s dainty feet, tickles her erect nipples, and feeds on her juicy puffy pussy. Mommy makes her girl orgasm again and again, stuffing her fingers inside her daughter’s hungry cunt.
When Mommy cannot last any longer, she lies down and lets her daughter play with her huge clit and wet pussy. Mommy shoves her orgasm into her daughter’s beautiful face and the pair finish the session, exhausted and spent!

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